Central London pubs with dart boards

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Three Tuns

Aldgate E1 and City EC3

Hidden away around the corner in an upstairs bar is a very useable dart board. Like a lot of edge-of-City boozers, this pub can get very rammed after work, so being able to get on the board may be something of a challenge. But if you can get on the board, it looks like a […]

Duke of Somerset

Aldgate E1 and City EC3

A dedicated darts area sits on the right of the pub, on the way to the toilets. There was a dart board here some years ago, but nobody every played as the nearby Still and Star took all the limelight. With the S&S boarded up, the Duke is back. And they have a new board […]


Aldgate E1 and City EC3

A proper London version of a proper Irish pub, with a dart board on the right near the entrance – except on the days that the league team plays, when it is moved to the other side of the bar, where there is a little more room and fewer people doing craic. A stereotypically warm […]

Walrus and The Carpenter

Aldgate E1 and City EC3

A separate downstairs bar contains a very welcoming darts board, albeit surrounded by tables. Caters for league teams in 2024, and generally very welcoming. As the bar is only open some of the time, however, there are limited times when the board is available.

The Gladstone Arms

London Bridge and Borough SE1

A fantastic pub where darts is a low priority, but that shouldn’t stop you going there. The function room upstairs has a (fairly tatty on 2024 visit) board, but there are many better reasons to visit the Glad.

White Horse

Soho and around W1

Surely the first ever wine-led pub which has a dart board, downstairs (there’s draught beer too). I wouldn’t expect to bump into someone you know on the oche, but I’ve had a friendly welcome and if you are into incongruous arrow-throwing this surely tops the pile.

Spots & Stripes

Waterloo SE1

Fundamentally this is a pool hall, and a very welcome one at that, but there is a row of dart boards nestled at the rear, including two tucked around the corner, all with a somewhat low ceiling. Do visit Spots and Stripes. And if you are new to the venue, and it is dark, don’t […]

Small Beer Taproom

London Bridge and Borough SE1

Now open with a dart board … check opening times before visiting, but in late 2022 it was open Wednesday to Sunday, including Wednesday to Saturday nights. Not yet visited.

Adam & Eve

Victoria and Pimlico SW1

The board is tucked in an alcove on the right hand side of the bar, visible from the road, which is lucky, as I would never have found it otherwise. It always looks ever so invited, with a nice surround giving the board a healthy glow on my 2024 visit – but at busy times […]

Sir Sydney Smith

Aldgate E1 and City EC3

If you like a pub with a dart board and a lot of bricks this is for you. There is a large and good quality dedicated darts area, it’s a friendly boozer, and the website even tells you when there are matches on – https://www.sirsydneysmith.co.uk/darts. All in all this has become one of the best […]

Moretown Belle

Aldgate E1 and City EC3

In one of London’s new-but-old quarters (Moretown, anyone?), sits London’s floweriest dart boards. The dedicated darts area holds three boards, and this remains one of the better new free darts venue in London in recent years, despite the fact that I had never seen anyone throw darts here, until I played a game in May […]

Sports Bar and Grill

Clerkenwell and Farringdon EC1

Clinging to its place in this guide, there are two digital boards in a dedicated area at the back of the pub. I still can’t get over quite how clever this stuff is, but it isn’t really darts, and, judging by my 2024 visit, you are not going to have a quiet throw here.   […]