With three boards, multiple teams on most evenings, regular competitions, and an outstanding collection of darts trophies, this boozer makes a claim to be one of the best darts pubs in London – even post-Pandemic – and I’m not going to argue, certainly not if I’m there on my own.

A visit here could be one of the last great darts experiences of London. If you look carefully you may even find a mention of this very website in an article stuck on the wall by the board nearest the entrance door. What better way to enjoy one of the best darts pubs in London than reading about one of the best darts pubs in London.

(A note on location. This is just about in Vauxhall, but now very near Nine Elms tube station and the high rise hell that the area has become. Still just about counts as central London).



Been to this pub?

Tell us when you last played there, so we know the board is still up – and do leave any interesting (clean!) stories while you’re at it.

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  1. Had a great darts session here last Sunday (06 March 2016).

    A local pub, old school with all sorts of characters but friendly enough.

    Great darts set up including a proper oche and nice big chalk boards for scoring. A pint is about £3.40. Has plenty of screens for sport too.

    Note – cash only.

  2. Lovely old school pub , regular comps on Friday or Saturday night with a great mix of abilities that attend from not just London but surrey and middlesex

  3. Nolans is just a few minutes from my flat and I feel lucky that it is. Always a warm welcome, drinks are reasonably priced and you can usually find a board, even on a league night.

    Would recommend to anyone who is looking to find somewhere to spend a few hours throwing some darts.

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