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Adam & Eve

Victoria and Pimlico SW1

The board is tucked in an alcove on the right hand side of the bar, visible from the road, which is lucky, as I would never have found it otherwise. It looks a nice enough place to throw, and, if the King ever wants to follow in the footsteps of his Nan and Gramps (c.1937) […]

Williams Ale and Cider House

Aldgate E1 and City EC3

Three boards situated next to each other at the back of the pub, and consistently helpful staff, make this a great place to throw some darts. It can get very loud, and certainly attracts some tossers. It’s also very confusing post-pandemic, when the busiest night is now apparently Tuesday (the new Thursday, which was once […]

Old Tea Warehouse

Aldgate E1 and City EC3

Home to Darts Club Aldgate – a room downstairs in this intriguing bar/pub with three fabulous oches and self-scoring boards. I kid you not!! [Insert clever science explanation]. A quieter and less fashionable version of Flight Club, with cheaper drinks. What’s the catch, I hear you cry? Well, £20 an hour an oche, plus the […]

Wenlock Arms

Old Street and Hoxton EC1 EC2 N1

Ah, the Wenlock. So firstly, the darts board is on the left at the back at bit – not ideally situated but usable, and I’m told, regularly used. Secondly, if you can go here for any reason you should. Famously saved from developer-types in the early 2010s after a lengthy campaign, it is now 190 […]

Lord Raglan

Clerkenwell and Farringdon EC1

Cavernous somewhat soulless pub which has two dart boards upstairs, and should be fantastic for a throw, but you may need to take your own board as both in situ in 2022 were barely usable. Great potential for a handful of regulars to make this venue fabulous.

Parcel Yard

King’s Cross and Holborn WC1

Turn right and right again in this cavernous pub somewhere near platform 9 3/4s, and you will see a function room with a dart board (and probably some tables set out for a meeting or two). I have never seen or heard of anyone playing here, but it definitely exists, even post-pandemic.

White Horse and Bower

Victoria and Pimlico SW1

Tucked away at the back of the pub is a fabulous secluded* oche, ideal for a game with two or three mates. I’m very fond of this place due to playing some of those games, and continue to receive a friendly welcome, but it’s increasingly rough around the edges. As the nearest darts pub to […]

Rising Sun SW1

Victoria and Pimlico SW1

It doesn’t feel like a darts pub, with the board somewhat isolated with no surround and no oche line, but there has been a board in this place for as long as I can remember and nobody seems interested in removing it. Which is all good.

One Tun

Soho and around W1

The somewhat unexpected board is at the back of the pub in its own area, which can feel a little squeezed on the busiest nights. Lots to love.

Barley Mow SW1

Victoria and Pimlico SW1

Good luck finding the board – it is hidden behind giant folding wooden doors on the far side of the bar and blocked by a massive table. However, it does get used, and the accommodating staff always seem willing and happy to move the furniture. Realistically needs booking in advance, unless you are lucky enough […]

Two Brewers

Clerkenwell and Farringdon EC1

This charming pub is always busy, to such an extent that the board, despite having a prominent place in the pub, can only really be used in the quieter moments after lunch and before the evening rush begins. If I lived near here I would live in here – 5/5 for the pub, 2/5 for […]

Stage Door

Waterloo SE1

There is a perfectly good board in an area towards the back of the pub, but there is a sofa in the way – so darts was not possible on a visit in 2022, or welcome, “due to Covid”. Maddening.