October 2018 Capital Arrows Updates

So the news isn’t great (and neither is the frequency of these updates). The number of central London dart pubs has dropped below 90 for the first time, and we’ve lost some special ones – notably the Champion in Wells Street, and Aldgate’s Still and Star and Duke of Wellington. We’ve also lost a whole chunk of London, as I can no longer find a single board in Paddington. Worst still, there’s more to come…

But all is not lost. Riley’s in Haymarket has been added, the Dog and Truck in the Aldgate section is now the most Easterly pub in the guide, and Williams Ale and Cider House is a proper discovery – it’s also in the Aldgate area, but is actually very near Liverpool Street.

Thank you to those wonderful people who keep me up to date with the changing London landscape. Keep in touch. As a special thank you, here’s a picture of where the board used to be in the Champion. It is now part of the extended Ladies toilet, so if you get a chance to go there, you will be literally pissing on darting history.

Where the dart board used to be; think of arrows when you’re having a wee


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