Not a blog

November 26, 2007
There are too many broken blogs in this world. What’s wrong with articles, or diaries, or just a list of stuff? It’s bad enough that anyone with any type of web presence is expected to blog their way through life, but even organisations such as the BBC insist that perfectly sensible articles by eminently sensible journalists must be called blogs.

This, therefore, is not a blog. It is not really a diary either, especially not in the sense of saying when I am going to be doing something, unless, that is, someone invites me somewhere interesting and there is a reason to let people know (such as bragging, sales of ‘book’, or needing a lift home).

Neither will it recount all the things that I’ve done, without any form of ‘interest-filter.’ Yes, the news is the same length every day, regardless of what has happened in the world, and press put roughly the same number of words on their sport pages sport whether it is the final day of the Olympics or the first of the World Bowls Championship (12th January by the way).

This, however, will, in a carefully and unplanned systematic fashion prove, no doubt, to be a series of unscheduled thoughts mainly based either on some form of news event or on an activity I have undertaken. Expect a lot of stuff about sport, but, if not, look out for poker, politics, people and particularly pratts. Probably with the odd list thrown in, which I used to write even before Nick Hornby existed. We’ll see. And like most blog-type-diary-things, there is absolutely no compulsion to read it, or like it, but plenty of opportunity to comment.