Avoiding the ‘F’ word

June 18, 2009

The Twenty20 World Cup is reaching a conclusion, the Lions take the field in Durban on Saturday, Wimbledon starts on Monday, Bethpage Black sees Woods and Mickelson renew rivalry at the US Open golf, the British Grand Prix says farewell from Silverstone, Royal Ascot has all those hats, the Ashes starts soon ….. and what exactly is that spread across the pages of my newspaper/screen?? The flippin’ F word.

Mowbray, Drogba, the Confederations Cup, a tournament full of under 21s…please, please, please, give it a rest. Football used to be my game, but the saturation of the last decade should have been enough to turn off even the most ardent of fan. We all deserve a break.

How nice it would be to pick up a newspaper on Saturday 8 August that contained a summary of news from the off-season. No conjecture, no rumour, no gossip, no reporting of disinteresting tournaments, just some facts about who had moved where, and how much Derby were expecting to beat Peterborough by.

It’s official, I am now on football-avoidance-duties. No discussion, no reading, not even thinking about the beautiful game. Until August it doesn’t even exist. Join me?