Using Capital Arrows

The guide includes all the pubs, bars, clubs and public places with usable dart boards in the centre of London – generally within 2 miles of Charing Cross station.

Browsing The Map will show you every venue that is listed.

The Advanced Search can help with particular areas, and places with multiple boards, functions rooms, or league teams. Venues are also classified by type: Bars (think chrome and loud music), Boozers (men’s toilets that stink and frequent use of the C word) and more Traditional pubs (fish and chips in a basket). The search has a filter for pubs that should be good for tourists, and for those run by the Samuel Smith’s brewery – cheap beer, no music, and often beautiful buildings.

All pubs included have been rated out of 5 to reflect their overall suitability for a game of darts. There are a lot of great pubs in the guide that are poorly rated because the set up for darts isn’t particularly good (and vice-versa). If you would like your pub to have a better review or higher rating, firstly make it a better place to play darts, and secondly tell me!

Information about pub leagues in London (and where to buy your darts) is in the Resources section, and the site also contains some basic details about the London Fives dart board.

Capital Arrows is unlikely ever to be complete and is impossible to keep entirely up to date. Please do let me know about your visits via the form on each pub page, or get in touch with details of new pubs by email on or twitter on @bachelorofdarts.

Now the smallprint:

Every pub included in the guide has been seen in person, with virtually all venues visited in the second half of 2015 or more recently. Every effort is made to publish and update correct information, but it only takes a minute to remove a dart board (and just a few weeks to demolish a building) so no responsibility can be taken for mistakes and changes. If you are making a special visit, always call first.