Cheshire Cheese

This pub has a shrine to Bullseye and quotes from Sid Waddell, amongst its 3 darts board. For years, I never saw anyone actually ever play darts here, but then in 2022 I ran an event which was very much fun and after it finished got heavily beaten by a lad who was practicing on his own. Exactly what ought to happen in a darts pub.



Been to this pub?

Tell us when you last played there, so we know the board is still up – and do leave any interesting (clean!) stories while you’re at it.

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  1. They’ve recently changed managers and are seemingly not now very interested in darts, although the two boards remain in place. Both teams (including ours) that play there from our league are looking to move asap

  2. Since my last comment they’ve had a refurb of the darts room. The lighting is sub-optimal, but there are now three boards, all with electronic scoreboards.

  3. Played there last week – still 3 boards up but lighting is poor.
    Need to book in advance on-line to make sure of getting a board.

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