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For years, I never saw anyone actually ever play darts here, but over the last couple of years I have run a number of events here, and on each occasion, other people have been waiting to play. It’s an excellent darts room, and boards are bookable online, which is handy. That said, somehow the venue never really seems very interested in darts (see Danny’s 2024 experience in the comments below).

The shrine to Bullseye with quotes from Sid Waddell (pictured below) has sadly been painted over.

Jim Bowen from Bullseye, previous resident of the darts room.

Been to this pub?

Tell us when you last played there, so we know the board is still up – and do leave any interesting (clean!) stories while you’re at it.


  1. mudtree

    They’ve recently changed managers and are seemingly not now very interested in darts, although the two boards remain in place. Both teams (including ours) that play there from our league are looking to move asap

  2. mudtree

    Since my last comment they’ve had a refurb of the darts room. The lighting is sub-optimal, but there are now three boards, all with electronic scoreboards.


    Played there last week – still 3 boards up but lighting is poor.
    Need to book in advance on-line to make sure of getting a board.

  4. Danny

    18 Feb 2024 This place was my second attempt to throw so some darts while in England. I was on holiday from America for my 60th birthday and I brought two sets of my darts.. The store front said “Darts”, so my wife and I went in expecting to order drinks and food and toss some darts. I asked the proprietor where the board was and he said upstairs but it’s closed. I asked if it would be okay if I could throw a few and he said “No”. Regardless, we sat downstairs and had lunch and drinks. Food was not worth it. Alas, I left England NEVER having thrown one dart.


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