New chapter for digital Murder on the Darts Board

March 1, 2013

Today sees the launch of a new digital edition of my book Murder on the Darts Board. It costs about the same as a pint (at London prices), and unless you are an incredible speed-reader or a very slow drinker, it will last considerably longer.

Amazon now sells more digital books than paper ones. Few industries have changed at the pace of publishing since I spent a year tossing tungsten, but darts, it would seem, isn’t far behind.

The Premier League is now the biggest indoor sporting event in the UK, the winner of the next PDC world championship will take home a quarter of a million pounds, and professional darts players have to win Tour Cards, akin to sports such as golf. Top darters no longer stay in unheated caravans in off-season holiday parks. Darts is fashionable, frequented by royalty, and feted by a whole host of celebrity fans.

Such change merited an additional chapter in the digital edition of the book, which updates the story of the game – and my involvement in it – to 2013. There’s much to say (8,982 words, to be precise, not necessarily in the right order), and who better to persuade you to have a look than Hawaii 501 himself, Wayne Mardle:

“Being a trier is an endearing quality, and the updated version of his book shows just how trying Justin Irwin can be! Credit where it’s due. (And, as for a dart board cake with three wayward arrows in – quality!).”


Murder on the Darts Board is now available on Kindle, and can be purchased here. If you don’t own a Kindle device, you can read the book on your computer, laptop or smartphone via a Kindle app. Kindle owners who subscribe to Amazon prime can also borrow the book for free, through the Kindle Owners Lending Library.