Launch of ‘Avoiding The Madhouse’ – The Wrong Bed’s manifesto for darts

September 9, 2011

Coinciding with the start of the third series of the show, Tricky D and I are pleased to launch Avoiding The Madhouse, The Wrong Bed‘s manifesto for darts. This is a short 11-point plan covering key areas that we, and many of our listeners,  think are vital for the PDC and BDO to consider in planning the medium to long-term future of the sport.

When we asked for thoughts and opinions about the game earlier this year, we received a vast array of views. There are many other recommendations that we have left out, taking the view that a short list of key priorities is likely to have more impact. Many thanks, of course, to all those who contributed, and apologies to those whose views are not represented.

We are, of course, supportive of the work of both darting codes, and the document is meant to be of help in future thinking and planning. We believe that all the recommendations are within the gift of darts’ administrators, and have therefore sent it to relevant officials at the BDO and the PDC. We anticipate having further opportunities to talk about the future of the sport in forthcoming episodes of The Wrong Bed, and hope that Avoiding The Madhouse contributes in some small way to the continued success of darts.