Flight Club (Shoreditch)

This new darting concept launched in late 2015 with 12 self-scoring boards across two floors. Whether it will change the face of darts in London remains to be seen, but early signs are that it is appealing to a new type of dartist (young, rarely played previously, significantly female), and that the £25 per hour fee for the oche isn’t a barrier to large groups.

For the serious darter, the venue is limited by the fact that you have to use the blue house darts for the scoring system to work perfectly – but don’t let that stop you paying a visit just to experience darts like never before.

Full launch review, if you’re interested, is here.



Been to this pub?

Tell us when you last played there, so we know the board is still up – and do leave any interesting (clean!) stories while you’re at it.

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  1. This is the ultimate “corporate” darts experience. You play themed versions of popular games, but cricket is not an option. You need to use their darts (which aren’t awful, to be honest) for use of their scoring system. For a pure dart playing experience, this place does not live up to my expectations. You would never have a serious dart league here.

    Otherwise, it’s quite a nice place. The scoring system is accurate, and very fast. It’s well decorated, good food, good drink, and not too pricey. The service was good. It’s going to bring in the 20-35 social corporate crowd, and certainly introduce more female players to the game. For a night out with the office team, it works just fine.

    If you like to throw your own darts, quick arithmetic, and the feeling of chalk on your hands, this place is NOT for you.

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