Bunting and Green at Lakeside 2014

Recorded entirely from the Lakeside Country Club, and with help from the BBC’s Scott Mitchell, this episode features Stephen Bunting, Robbie Green, MC Little Richard Ashcroft [sic], as well as darters from around the world and a chat with the new star of women’s darts, Fallon Sherrock.

The Peter Wright stuff

The Wrights speak about their amazing PDC world championship, Mr Hearn explains the picks for the 2014 Premier League darts, we look ahead to the BDO tournament, and discuss darts on BBC 5 Live with help from Phil Williams and John Rawling. Then there’s the little matter of Tricky D quizzing off for his future on The Wrong Bed.

PDC world final – a new darting star is born

At 4-0 down the commentators in the press tent were scrambling around looking for stats about the biggest defeat ever. Peter Wright had won just two of the first 14 legs and was already 4-0 down to Michael van Gerwen in the race to 7 to become the new world champion. The PDC world darts final looked set to be …

The Smiths at Alexandra Palace

The micro-series gets underway in the company of several Smiths and Paul Lim, the only man to have hit a 9-darters at the Lakeside world championship. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.

It’s darts, Jim, but not as we know it

London may have been home to the first ever competitive darts match, but it has fallen a long way behind in the soft-tip, machine version of the game – until today. DARTSLIVE, purveyors of all things plastic and shiny in the darting world, has opened its first British venue in the very centre of the city, giving UK fans what …


The news last week that up to 4,000 ‘bad’ pubs will close next year is of particular concern for those of us partial to chucking bits of metal inside licenced premises. For the 1,000 pubs that will spring up in their place will rarely contain a dart board – as illustrated recently by the ‘saving’ of the Wenlock Arms near …

August break

Darts takes a break in August, and I take a break from darts. So I won’t be writing about the recent resignation of Robert Holmes as the PR man for the BDO, or the Taylor cheat storm, but I will be updating Capital Arrows, especially if I find new darts pubs in central London.

10 things we learnt from 2013 Premier League Darts

1.Michael van Gerwen is here to stayHaving lost his previous two major finals – to Taylor and van Barneveld – there was a nagging doubt as to whether MvG was ready yet to take on the best on the biggest of occasions. Having staged a comeback to beat the greatest ever player in front of 10,000 fans, it now seems …

PL finals night – Every Loser Wins

A special episode sees us return to London’s O2 in the company of RVB, MVG and BJG for the finals of the 2013 Premier League. Darts doesn’t get much bigger than this. (That’s Big John Gwynne, by the way).

New chapter for digital Murder on the Darts Board

Today sees the launch of a new digital edition of my book Murder on the Darts Board. It costs about the same as a pint (at London prices), and unless you are an incredible speed-reader or a very slow drinker, it will last considerably longer. Amazon now sells more digital books than paper ones. Few industries have changed at the …